Thursday, November 13, 2014


When man makes a demand upon himself or upon the Universe which flows through the self, he is making a demand upon Original Mind and Original Energy.  Thus his demand causes Original Mind and energy to produce certain specific things for him.  Thus is a new creation produced by the same Creative force or Energy that produces all things.  –Ernest Holmes

What makes an artwork original?  Something that has not been done before, I would consider original.  But I think on a more personal level it would be artwork that has been done by an artist who is in touch with and expressing her own unique vision.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


While Jesus remained with the disciples, their faith for the most part was of the same essence as his, but as the years passed and his followers became more and more immersed in objective organization, they ceased to preach the necessity of a living faith.  In fact, a few hundred years later, the Christians were teaching that the early “miracles” merely proved the divinity of Jesus.  –Ernest Holmes

When I am working on a creative project sometimes I make a big mess.  When I am making a quilt, I try lots of different fabrics—colors, experimenting, composing and improvising.  When the design is complete I put it together with thread and sewing.  Then, I embellish with paint, buttons, beads—layer upon layer until it seems to be enough.  It’s not always apparent what is happening, but there is an organization in process that is surprising at times.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


…what do we mean by the spiritual world?  We mean the word of conscious intelligence. The Subjective is a world of Law and of mechanical order; in our lives, it is largely a reaction, an effect, a way.  –Ernest Holmes

I like my house neat and clean and tidy; it makes me feel good.  I like to eat well and exercise as a way of keeping order in my body; this makes me feel good, too.  I like to make lists and set priorities, so that my business progresses in an orderly manner.  I listen to my inner self and I know exactly what to do next.  With orderliness, there is no confusion.