Friday, August 31, 2012


Man is conscious mind or spirit.  This stands for his objective faculty.  The objective mind of man is his recognition of life in a conscious state—it is the only attribute of man that is volitional, or self-choosing.  Consequently, it is the spiritual man.  The conscious mind of man is the contemplator.—Ernest Holmes

I am loving.  I am powerful.  I am intelligent.  I am beautiful.  I am wonderful.  I am radiantly alive.  I am light. I am life. I am creative.  I am Spirit.  All of these are attributes of Spirit.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


As the idea of friendship dawns upon the consciousness, the law of attraction produces friends, for one is the picture and the other is the thing.—Ernest Holmes

Love is contagious!  Wherever I go, I spread more love.  I love everyone and everything and other people are attracted to me because of my loving attitude.  I am forming loving relationships all the time.  Whatever I need, I attract because of my loving attitude.  I am given wonderful ideas because my mind attracts them from spirit, and because I am willing to let go of the old ideas.  I have a great life while I continue to attract great people and fun ideas.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It is wonderful to contemplate the mental attitude of people who are not afraid to believe their prayers will be answered, and are not afraid to say, “I know”.  We shall all arrive at this same assurance, this perfect faith, in such degree as we cease contemplating the Universe as opposed to Itself; as we cease having the will to do or to be that which is contrary to the Universal Good. 
--Ernest Holmes

I find myself in an imperfect world with all sorts of situations and circumstances.  I can choose what my attitude will be when I get out of bed in the morning.  I can choose to be grumpy or I can choose an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for whatever is happening around me.  I can have an influence on circumstances by using my attitude of blessing everyone and everything!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


What we concentrate on, then, is attention.  This is done through intention and the willingness to hold thought centered until the form appears.  It is unnecessary to learn any methods of concentration whatsoever if these simple rules are followed.  –Ernest Holmes

When I pay attention, I notice what really matters—kindness.  When I pay attention I notice opportunities for kindness.  When I pay attention I notice that instead of being in a rush, I could slow down and allow the goddess to flow through me and heal me.  When I pay attention I can remember to focus on the detail which makes my work much more beautiful.

Monday, August 27, 2012


The Law through which man operates is Infinite, but man appears to be finite; that is, he has not yet evolved to a complete understanding of himself.  He is unfolding from a Limitless Potential but can bring into his experience only that which he can conceive.  There is no limit to the Law, but there appears to be a limit to man’s understanding of It.  As his understanding unfolds, his possibilities of attainment will increase.—Ernest Holmes

I always feel so great when I finish a project or a new quilt.  I have attained completion and I have succeeded in an area of my life.  I long to attain completion in all areas of my work, in my art, my relationships, my beautiful home and garden; the world is vast and seemingly incomplete.  There is always more to do and say.  So I go within my heart to feel the Love of spirit, in my mind, I consciously visualize the perfection of all that is.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


We are guided daily by Divine Intelligence into paths of peace, wherein the soul recognizes its Source and meets It in Joyful union, in complete At-One-ment—Ernest Holmes

Sometimes I feel so peaceful, I only hear a gentle hum in my ears and that is all.  It’s like I’m hearing the “tone” of the Universe and I am at one with all that is.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Every business, every place, every person every thing has a certain mental atmosphere of its own.  This atmosphere decides what is to be drawn to it. For instance, you never saw a successful man who went around with an atmosphere of failure.  Successful people think about success.  A successful man is filled with that subtle something which permeates everything that he does with an atmosphere of confidence and strength.  –Ernest Holmes

I choose to create an atmosphere of love and success.  I begin by using affirmations and telling myself how much I love and appreciate myself.  When I do this, I become energized with love and this feeling is contagious; I connect with others; the atmosphere is filled to the brim with love and success!

Friday, August 24, 2012


To assert our individuality is to rise above the law of averages into that more highly specialized use of the Law which brings freedom rather than bondage, joy in the place of grief and wholeness instead of sickness.  …we are impressing the Law with a new idea of ourselves…a less limited idea; and we are learning to think independently of any existing circumstance.
—Ernest Holmes

I assert my value.  I communicate; I ask for what I want; I assert myself and I allow my good to come to me.  In the morning I assert myself when I rise out of bed, ride my stationary bike, eat a good breakfast and get ready for the day.  I asset myself when I do my yoga, go for walks and eat my fruits and veggies.  I am assertive when I make healthy choices and I thrive.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Our individualized Universe is forever complete, yet forever completing itself, in order that every experience may teach us to transcend some previous one, in ever ascending cycles, upward bound.  Ernest Holmes

When I think positively and constructively, then I ascend to a higher place in my awareness.  When I think in terms of solutions rather than problems, then I am rising above the circumstances and connecting with the energy of Spirit.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


As the artist communes with the essence of beauty and gives birth to form so our minds should commune with the Divine Presence. –Ernest Holmes

As an artist I create beautiful objects because I love the process of doing it and I love it when people respond in a positive way.  So, I think that anyone can take whatever talent they have to create something new as a way of enjoying life and sharing with others.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


…every act in the life of the individual is that such an individual may express himself.  For instance, the love of a mother for her children, a man for his wife, a patriot for his country, a preacher for his religion, an artist for his art, all of these are but ways of self-fulfillment.  This is legitimate self-expression. –Ernest Holmes

Art—what is art?  To me, it is drawing, painting, quilting, plus sculpture—anything society feels is creative.  Actually, I think anything which I can do really well is an art.  There is an art to having a great relationship, running a business or having a beautiful household and garden. I consider the “Art of Living” to be the best one of all!

Monday, August 20, 2012


The only news we have of Heaven has come through the consciousness of men, and to those few who have penetrated the veil of illusion and entered the realms of deeper reality, we owe a debt that cannot be paid in any other terms than those of appreciation and thanksgiving.

I appreciate myself.  I am so happy to be alive.  I appreciate my family and friends, the food I eat, the clothes I wear.   I appreciate the work I do.  When I practice appreciation, my life works and I feel good.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


We should be able to look at a wrong condition with the knowledge that we can change it.  The realization that we have this ability must be gained by the application of our knowledge.
 –Ernest Holmes

I have read hundreds of books and taken numerous classes and workshops about personal and spiritual growth over the years.  Now, after all of the time gathering information and filling in the empty spaces of ignorance, I am learning to apply what I have learned.  I have gone from having concepts in my head, to having love in my heart.  The application of all of the information seems so simple when it all comes down to Love and Kindness.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Every problem is primarily mental, and the answer to all problems will be found in Spiritual Realization.  –Ernest Holmes

Spirit always answers me.  I ask a question, I listen, I hear the answer.  It may not always be what I want to hear, but it will be what I need to hear.  The answer is always for my greatest and highest good.  I take comfort in knowing this.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Man’s mind should swing from inspiration to action, from contemplation to accomplishment, from prayer to performance.  This would be a well balanced existence, the spirit fires the soul with energy and understanding; the soul, which is the subjective mentality, vitalizes the body and animates all that we do.—Ernest Holmes

There are certain things in life that I am attracted to.  Some people, some activities, are fun for me.  I like to make art, draw, sew, make pictures with fabric, paint, and sew beads, buttons.  I like other people who are into art quilts and fabric.  My life is animated in this way.  I come to life when I have the opportunity to practice creativity.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


If we seek the Divine in men, we shall find it, and be entertaining angels unawares.
—Ernest Holmes

When I was a child I was taught that I had a guardian angel who watched over me and guided me along life’s journey.  I was given a picture of a beautiful person with wings.  Now that I am grown up and I look back on my life and I think of grandmothers, teachers, doctors, friends and family who have been there for me when I needed help and guidance.  My art has been such a gift to me, too.  I do truly have a guardian angel.

Monday, August 13, 2012


These are the tools of thought with which a practitioner works.  Where does he do his work?  IN HIS OWN MIND.  Never anywhere else.  Always in his own thought.  A practitioner never tries to get away from the mind within.  --Ernest Holmes

Spirit always says “yes”.  If I am thinking positive thoughts, then my life tends to go in a positive direction.  If I am thinking negative thoughts, then my life will tend to go in a negative direction.  I am responsible for whatever happens in my life, because Spirit always says “yes”!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


No (wo)man ever walks life’s road alone; there is ever Another who walks with (her) him; this is (her)his inner Self, the undying Reality, which (her) his personality but poorly emulates.  Let us learn to be still and let the Truth speak through us; to be still and know that the inner light shines.  –Ernest Holmes

I can’t ever really be alone because Spirit is always with me.  But, since I do have a unique individual body by the name of Therese May, I can only have my own human experience.  I can share this experience with others but there is always a part of it that is only mine.  I choose to accept my individuality!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Now you are ready to prove your principle by allowing the Life to flow through the thing that you are working on or for.  Do not will or try to compel things to happen Things happen by an immutable law and you do not need to energize the essence of being; It is already big with power.  All you need do is to realize this fact, and then let it be done unto you or unto that for which you are working.  L-E-T is a big word and an important one.  By taking thought you do not add one cubit to Reality, but you do allow (let) Reality to manifest in the thing you are doing.  Ernest Holmes

My creative juices are within me and I allow them to flow.  When I am drawing a design for a new quilt, I close my eyes and quiet my thoughts.  I allow the images to come to the surface of my awareness and then I let my hand draw the shapes on the paper.  As I open the doorway to the new work of art, I allow myself to be used by Spirit in forming the finished art quilt.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Most of us seek the cause in the effect and unknowingly put the cart before the horse, not realizing that the flower is already in the seed, and that effects must follow causes.  There can be no true alliance apart, from life and no good apart from a unity with the whole.  Ernest Holmes

I am a member of the Alliance for American Quits, where hundreds of quilter’s stories have been collected.  This alliance or coming together of powerful quilt members makes it possible for quilts, an important part of our heritage in this country, to be preserved.  When people join forces to attain a specific goal the resulting energy can be very healing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Unless there were a unifying Principle of life existing as One all-embracing Mind in which everyone lives and everything subsists, then we could not recognize each other.  Indeed, we could not be conscious of living in the same world.  This Mind in which we live is at all times independent of any individual action on our part.  We are in It and It flows through us, but It is always more than we are.

I embrace myself; I embrace all of my life the way I am and the way it is, as is.  I embrace and accept everything about me, positive and negative, all of my faults and all of the good stuff, too.  I embrace the situations and circumstances of the world and all of the people in my life. Everything is Spirit and Spirit is All-Embracing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Prayer is not an act of overcoming God’s reluctance; but should be an active acceptance of His highest willingness.  Through prayer we recognize a spiritual law; that has always existed, and put ourselves in alignment with it.  –Ernest Holmes

This day, I align myself, my Spirit with Universal Peace, Love, Intelligence, Beauty, Health and Joy.  I feel great in every way, because I choose to agree with Spirit.  I choose to accept that Spirit is working on my behalf and on the behalf of all people and all Life. I choose to let go of past negative patterns or anything that is no longer needed.  I accept my alignment with spirit.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


The cosmic engine is started but man guides it in his own life.  It goes for him in the direction in which it is driven.  This driving is not by force but by agreement, unification and acquiescence.  Ernest Holmes

There is an order to the Universe and Life is unfolding according to this order, just like a flower, opening into greater beauty. I make an agreement with myself and with the Universe to stay in agreement.  I agree with Life!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Man is birthless, deathless, ageless Spirit…This leaves nothing to be born, mature decay and die.  Life cannot grow old. God—in us, and through is, as us—can only express according to His Own Nature, which is Perfection.  –Ernest Holmes

The center of my being has no age because deep at the core of my soul, that is Spirit, which is infinite, Universal and always was and always will be; no beginning and no end.  Circumstances, situations, and bodies are subject to ageing and change, but Spirit stays the same.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


A person does not suddenly become affluent because she sits around and thinks,”I am a multi-millionaire.”  But when she thinks affluently she does begin to demonstrate prosperity. 
–Ernest Holmes

I accept that I am affluent. My very being is flowing with the energy of Life.  This affluent energy is flowing through me and out to everyone I come into contact with and then back to me.  I am connecting affluently with Spirit.  I am healthy, wealthy and wise.  I am affluent!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Practice is a definite statement in mind, a positive affirmation.  It is an active, conscious, aggressive mental movement and in such degree as it embodies an idea—and there is no longer anything in our minds which denies the idea—it will take form because it now becomes a part of the law and order of the Universe in which we live.  –Ernest Holmes

Today, I affirm Life.  I affirm prosperity and abundance for all living creatures.  I say yes to my good, today.  My affirmation is that “All is Well”.  I am in agreement with nature; I go with the flow, and I say “Yes!”