Sunday, January 1, 2012


Whatever the nature of any principle may be—in so far as it is understood by anyone—it may be understood by all who take the time to investigate.  This does not require any unusual degree of intelligence, but rather, a practical application of what we now know in order that we may increase our knowledge.  The study of the Science of Mind is a study of First Cause, Spirit, Mind, or that invisible Essence, that ultimate stuff and Intelligence from which everything comes, the Power back of creation—the Thing Itself.  ---Ernest Holmes

The Universe is Intelligence.  Just look at how a flower grows from a little seed.  I am so amazed at the beautiful colors of flowers, the shapes of the petals and leaves.  What creative Intelligence made this?  Wow!

I have knowledge and the ability to reason rationally.  I no longer need to react to events and situations by being fearful.  My intelligence allows me to see circumstances more clearly and to respond with Love.
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