Thursday, October 21, 2010


I contend with none, argue with none, and am filled with wonderful peace and light. There is no uncertainty about my future and no fear of my past. I live in an eternal Now which is filled with good alone. Goodness and beauty follow me. Peace and joy accompany me. Happiness and wholeness fill my entire being with the realization of love and perfection.—Ernest Holmes

I have joy in my heart. Sometimes whatever is happening in my life is what makes me happy, sad, mad, or whatever. Joy is already within me. I must turn away from the situation and tap into it to feel Joy!

Joy is a natural state that is always within me. It is part of the essence of who I am. As I allow the layers of conditioning to be released and be peeled away, I experience more and more of the essence of Joy in my life. I celebrate Joy today!
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