Friday, June 13, 2008


“The meek shall inherit the earth.” This is a teaching of non-resistance. War lords and plunderers of human possessions have come and gone. Kingdoms have risen only to crumble in dust and become numbered with past events….To whom have our artists turned for inspiration and that quickening power which enables them to depict the ideal? Not to the war lords, nor even the captains of industry, but to the meek.—Ernest Holmes

Today, I release all resistance to my good. I let go of any left over anger, sadness or worry. I let go of the past or the future. This day, I allow the present moment to fill me with the Love of God. I resist nothing. I allow my good to flow in me, through me and as me. By practicing nonresistance, I allow my life to unfold and I enjoy each moment. I’m going with the flow. I’m feeling the energy of the Universe. Things happen; good, bad, right, wrong—I release judgment and I stay centered, practicing moderation, and focusing on my goals. Nonresistance helps me stay in the flow and in the know!

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