Saturday, April 26, 2008


The student should take time every day to see his life as he wishes it to be to make a mental picture of his ideal. He should pass this picture over to the Law and go about this business, with a calm assurance that on the inner side of life something is taking place. There should not be any sense of hurry or worry about this, just a calm, peaceful sense of reality. Let the Law work through, and express Itself in, the experience. There should be no idea of compulsion. We do not have to make the Law work; it is Its nature to work. In gladness then, we should make known our desires, and in confidence we should wait upon the Perfect Law to manifest through us.

---Ernest Holmes

In an ideal world, everyone would have enough food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof over their heads. There would be no sickness or disease, no war. There would be beautiful hills, rivers, and trees. All beings would commune in peace and harmony. This Idealism is an idea to keep in mind and something o work toward.

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