Monday, March 10, 2008


The relationship between the individual and the Universal Mind is one of reflection. That is, what we image for ourselves, It images for us. Then it follows that the very law which created bondage could as easily create freedom. The Divine intends freedom for us but the very fact that we have creative thought, and that we are real individuals, presupposes the use of our creativeness in more than one way. --Ernest Holmes

When all of the extra things are out of the way; that is when I have freedom. Freedom is when my mind is clear and I really know what I want. I am free to choose for my self because there are no old, self limiting beliefs in my mind; old voices telling me that I am not good enough, smart enough, big enough pretty enough, talented enough to really have what I want. I am now free and clear. I am strong, I am intelligent. I have the faith of God in my heart. God wants me to have freedom so I choose to have it right here and right now. I choose to be free and healthy wealthy and wise. I choose Love. I have freedom of choice. I accept my right to vote.

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