Sunday, July 22, 2007


Now you are ready to prove your principle by allowing the Life to flow through the thing that you are working on or for. Do not will or try to compel things to happen Things happen by an immutable law and you do not need to energize the essence of being; It is already big with power. All you need do is to realize this fact, and then let it be done unto you or unto that for which you are working. L-E-T is a big word and an important one. By taking thought you do not add one cubit to Reality, but you do allow (let_ Reality to manifest in the thing you are doing. Ernest Holmes

My creative juices are within me and I allow them to flow. When I am drawing a design for a new quilt, I close my eyes and quiet my thoughts. I allow the images to come to the surface of my awareness and then I let my hand draw the shapes on the paper. As I open the doorway to the new work of art, I allow myself to be used by Spirit in forming the finished art quilt.

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