Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Life on Three Levels", 66"x67", 1995, $5,500

I like the idea of Life being the flow of the creative process. Every thought I think and every activity I engage in is creative and has some result. On the top level of this quilt, I have put my ”Flying Saucers”, which are made up of small painted panels, glass beads, buttons, embroidery and squeeze-bottle paint. This is like the Universal level of Life. The middle level in the quilt is the physical, and I have included my various animal shaped butterflies. This suggests the transformational nature of our life on the planet. On the bottom level of the quilt are two profiles, representing the dreamers; and in the center is a cone-shaped container with a pink streamer, which carries the dreams and ideas back up to the top, giving us a continuation of the creative process

Machine appliqué, fabric, thread acrylic paint, fabric paint, buttons, beads, painted panels, braids, polymer clay.

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