Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Mandala Teapot", 53"x56", 2005, $8,000

I began this piece in 2003 by unrolling a large sheet of white paper, pinning it to my design wall, picking up my pencil, making a mark in the center and then another mark, drawing shape after shape, allowing the image to emerge from my own center in my heart, in my mind and flowing from my hands. When I finished the drawing, I felt a sense of accomplishment, lightness and wholeness that comes after creative expression.

There is something about a teapot that has a meaning of containment—there is a circle—a sense of closure; this is wholeness; this is the mandala, and yet this container has a handle—you can pick it up and hold it; and there is a spout, an opening—you can pour out whatever is contained. The mandala imagery gives it a Spiritual, even sexual quality and the handle and the spout bring it down to earth—you can use it! And yet this is an image on fabric, a sewing, layering of cloth, a quilt, not to be used as a bedcover, but to be hung on the wall.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Affirmation Quilt" 71"x61", 2006, $9,000

My goal here was to collect the “missing pieces” of a project, putting them all back together and making something good; completing and making it whole. This is what I have done in this piece. I made the decision to put them together in a new way—to go back and look through aspects of the project which may have been discarded for one reason or another and to reinvent them. This quilt is comprised of rejected remnants of my own and students’ work PLUS the idea of using a kimono shape—something I have been inspired to do by other quilt artists and the beautiful Japanese kimonos I have seen. It is a way of acknowledging my inspiration. The writing on the piece is an affirmation of new life. I affirm the transformation of the old into something new and fresh